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Thread: Class action lawsuit against Mitsu for paint

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    Class action lawsuit against Mitsu for paint

    I just received a claim form in the mail for a class action lawsuit against Mitusubihi for paint delamination. covers the eclipse, galant and endevour from 2000-2008.

    the lawsuit is out of California filed back in june of 08 by a Pete Vizzi. everything seems legit on it. Has anyone else gotten this form also, looks like Im titled to some money (not much) or a slight reimbursment if I get it repainted.

    even has a website, havent checked that out yet.

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    Lame they only cover 2000-2008 models considering this has gone on before those production dates even. The $150 cash option seems lame and wouldn't even paint a fender for most people.

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    i just got it in the mail as well.. weird.. havent read it yet but there only giving us 150 for a paint job? lol

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    I wish they would address my nasty hood

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    it states for only black painted mitsus between those years.. Black g's do seem to fade quick though i noticed..
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    I have seen several 3g black eclipse out here with faded paint, not as bad as most people have been having, but its coming through and noticeable. My whole car is peeling off its rediculous for a 10yr old vehicle. I can wipe my hand over the paint and it just flakes off onto your hand.

    They won't offer all 8th Gen help then screw the lawsuit, its pointless even for the $150 IMHO...

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    boo. my factory kalapana black paint is still in immaculate money for me.

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    I just got the form...

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    idk, i dont think its really worth it but free money is free money, gotta go to the dealer though and they have to certify that your paint is fucked up. at most I think you are looking at 600 dollars, gotta meet other criteria for that though.

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    I got the letter today too, I plan on repainting the car and any lil bit would help.
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    The KBC (Kapalana Black Cancer) can't be cured with a mere $150 unless you are buying the materials and painting it yourself.

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    True $150 is barely enough for a DIY paint job. But thats if you go for that payoff check. Put for many who've been planning on painting could receive reimbursement of $600. Unless you pursue not to be part of the settlement. And choose to sue Mitsubishi as an individual then basically the letter is proof that you acknowledge the settlement and agree to the terms. Keep in mind, it's taken a few years, 2 lawyers, miles of red tape and court cost $$$$ to get to the point that Mitsubishi agreed to anything.

    The way I look at it is, Mitsubishi doesn't have to provide anything toward repainting of their black cars. Mainly because their not breaking any rules or regulations for safety by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.)

    All in all, you gotta give Mitsubishi some credit for trying to make things right to its customers. By the way, I own a Black 2k v6 which I repainted and waiting on my percentage reimbursement check. Free money is free money, even if Mitsubishi saved time & money by skimping out on all black cars :(((((
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    My 02 looks like shit. The clear coat is chalking up really bad on the roof and trunk and slowly creeping its way down the rest of the car. The only reason my hood doesn't look like shit is because it was in a front end collision and the shop that repaired it did a great job on the paint matching!

    I have had the car since brand new and never got any paperwork for a lawsuit either - probably because we have moved twice since buying it. Luckily I have a friend that can paint the car and will only charge me about $500.

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    i have a silver galant and the clear is chipping in some areas.anything for me?

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    Wow 150$....I think that is barely enough for a fender....Well you can never complain bout free money

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    they gave me 300, but i could not justify to spend the money i really need to paint the car just for the sake of getting the 300 back. I got other bills that need to get paid first, and since the money back only is for a limited time as it needs to be painted by Nov 19.

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