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Thread: Reset the SRS indicator light on instrument panel

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    Quote Originally Posted by stopfakn
    This afternoon I was putting a bulb in the driver side signal light and when I get it to check it.....NOTHING....and the damn srs light is on. I'm driving around with no signal lights. HELP

    btw sorry for jacking your post :oops:
    I found out I blew a fuse, changed it and all is well. Close one though. Now why the hell would a blown signal light fuse affect the srs lamp?
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    I took mine into the dealer and they said that everything checked out ok, so they just reset the light. Interesting.

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    My dealer that I bought my car is now gone. Once my van is fix, im gonna try to see if i can make a claim from the extended warranty company to get my SRS fixed.

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    What fuse did you happen to blow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lofty View Post
    What fuse did you happen to blow?
    Why revive this thread. If you think you blew a fuse then check the user manual for the fuse that goes to what you are having an issue with.

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    I was detailing my car, took the front seats out to vaccum. When I put my passenger seat back in and plugged in all the sensors, my SRS light was on and the car is registering a passenger in the front seat when there is none. Even when I have a passenger in my front seat, and they have their seat belt on, the light stays on. I, again, took the seat out to make sure I didnt damage a sensor, made sure I plugged them in correctly and the lights are still on. The heat to the seat still works...Im at a loss. Any suggestions?

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    Bump...Need help getting the SRS light to go off.

    2004 Mitsubishi Galant GTS

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    I as well need my srs light to go out. I unpluged the front dash trim peice so that i could paint them. a soon as i painted them i pluged the wires back. the light stayed on, so then i disconected the battery thinking it wouls reset the ecu. I did this for five minutes, it is still on and I have 45000 miles on the car. I am not sure if it is covered in the warentee and if anyone could help without going to the dealership if i have to pay. it would be a huge help.

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    just wanted to let you guys know that i could not take the light anymore so i went to the dealership. i told them exsactly why it was on and i know that that was the only reasen for the light to be on. they reset it and it took them thirthy minutes to give me my car back. the total cost of this was $42.50. just if any one was wondering what the ost was.

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