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Thread: Why would my TCL and ABS light suddenly come on???

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    Why would my TCL and ABS light suddenly come on???

    Crap talk about perfect timing. I'm in the process of selling my car when my TCL and ABS light suddenly came on (at the same time)

    Anyone else have this happen to them? I remember maybe 2 - 3 months ago my TCL light came on while driving down the freeway but then it cleared itself.

    Just now I disconnected my neg battery terminal hoping it would clear the light but when I reconnected (30 min later) and turned on my car the lights came back on.

    Please help! :(

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    I think that happened to me when my driver side airbag failed. I'm almost positive because that's the only time my TCL & ABS light ever appeared.

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    anyone else? I did a search and it looks like the fuse might be bad. Is this a common failure?

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    i've never experienced this particular problem but my assumption would be that if you have multiple simultaneous failures of seperate systems, the most likely cause is the failure of whatever secondary system connects the two OR the indicators themselves are broken. check the fuses and move down the line from there.

    When I first got my 8g the stereo had a wiring problem with it but for whatever reason the 'service engine soon' light was coming on as a result and I lost the function of my passenger side tail light but NOT the brake light on that side. I had the exact same problem again when I put in my aftermarket head unit and it turned out the problem was a bad ground and a blown fuse on the lighting circuit. I found this out by using the method I detailed before, everything works fine now


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    look for a failed wheel speed sensor.
    i'd have the dealer scan your tcu.

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    how do you know if the airbag is bad

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    Why would you ask about your airbag working in a thread asking if the TCL and ABS light is on?

    If you post stupid and incorrect information, you will get red nuggets.

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    Awkward!!! lol


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    i know someone said this doesn't make sense

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