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Thread: MItsubishi Galant 2.4L 8g timing mark

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    MItsubishi Galant 2.4L 8g timing mark

    Where is the timing mark on the crankshaft? Is it the small notch on the pulley?
    Does it align with the lower timing cover? What is the sense in that?
    I cannot see anything under the cover to align with. What is the intended procedure for alignment if it's on the cover?

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    There is a tutorial that will explain this. Check the Tutorial Master List sticky.

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    The marks on the outsidt of the cover are for a timing light.

    There should be a knotch in the plate behind the crank pulley, that is the mark you should go by.

    The easiest way to do it though is to line up all the marks before you take off the belt, then take off the belt, replace the pulleys, and put the new belt on. If you didnt do this, the easiest way to find TDC is to take out the spark plug, put a long wratchet into cyl 1 so it rests on top of the piston, turn the crank(belt should be on), when the extension is at its highest point, this is tdc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boosted View Post
    There is a tutorial that will explain this. Check the Tutorial Master List sticky.
    This one?

    Yes, I read it. I cannot find the answer. Is there a picture of the mark I need to align?

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    I cannot locate the marks behind the cover.
    Can you point it out in any of the pictures?

    I have determined TDC on the crankshaft by using the method you described (place a tool into #1 and crank until highest point).
    After that, the notch on the pulley lines up with the mark on the cover.
    This is where I will start, but I'd like to find the other marks under the cover, just to be sure.

    thanks for the quick response!

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    i took this pic with building my engine you can see the white v make on the crank sensor blade is lined up with the mark on the block. it looks like a little nub

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