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Thread: Car stalls when put in Drive or Reverse

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    Car stalls when put in Drive or Reverse

    Got an issue. I'm currently in 29 Palms for some training, and my wife just called me and told me the G just stalled as she was pulling into her sister's neighborhood in Jax, FL. She stated she then restarted the car,and when she put it in drive and it stalled again for about 5 times as she went to accelerate after she put it in gear. She finally gave up and called me. I need some advice and help guys, as I am not there to troubleshoot the issue, and she was planning to drive back home to NC tomorrow. Before I left, I cleaned the throttle body, cleaned the corrosion off the battery terminals and replaced the old terminals. It cant be the alternator, becuase the car starts up fine until its put in gear. I'm thinking it may be one of the sensors, but the car has not thrown any codes lately. Any tips or advice before I get it towed tomorrow to the dealership tomorrow and get raped by them on pricing. Thx guys.
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    my guess is a vacuum leak. Maybe a coupler is loose.

    Or maybe the Maf is unplugged.

    or maybe the idle is too low. Try adjusting the biss screw so that the idle is higher so when the idle drops, it doesnt stall out and the car can recover. Its a bandaid fix but it might do the trick

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    Hmmm, I'll have them try adjust the BISS screw to adjust the idle. another thing i was thinking was maybe the alternator could be bad. wish i was there instead of in the stumps at 29 to troubleshoot this on my G. as far as the couplers,they all should be good as i replaced the sr intake before i left as well with new couplings and pipe. thx for ur response qnz.
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    try n drive it with 2 feet 1 on the gas n 1 on the brake jump on the highway drive for about 3 miles let her sit and see if the idle resets itself i have that same problem when i disconnect the power on the battery... try that...


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    Sounds like a vacuum leak.. It could be anywhere on the intake, not just the SRI. Meaning the intake manifold and TB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corey2000Galant View Post
    try n drive it with 2 feet 1 on the gas n 1 on the brake
    hehe. I think increasing the idle thru the biss screw sounds safer than this :D

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    will do,i guess the best troubleshooting step right now is to check for leaks on the manifold and throttle body, and then try to adjust the BISS screw. thx for the input.
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    one of the couplers indeed came loose right before the maf that connects to the pipe. nods head.had them retighten all, g's good.
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    The Idle set screw is usually covered in silicone, it is not intended to be altered.

    Check for vacuum leaks, that is the most likely culprit. Start at the brake vacuum booster.

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