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Thread: TCL and ANTI LOCK light

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    TCL and ANTI LOCK light

    My cars TCL light and ANTI LOCK light just came on one night after work. They have yet to shut off. I have taken the car to AutoZone where they hooked it up to the hand held computer and the guy said it doesn't check for anti-lock or tcl. I wanted to know if anyone had any information on what it might be, and if it is a problem that I am still driving the car? Thanks.

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    when turn on the "anti lock" and another light together, can be fail the alternator, check it!

    by own experience.
    -Mitsubishi Galant (4G64 SOHC) ES 1996, 5spd Swapped.

    -Mitsubishi Galant LS 1994 a/t [ SOLD ]

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    7G must be different then. Charging system faults in the 8G are indicated by the "battery" and "brake" warning lights.
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    Do you own a 8G or a 7G?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jm0271 View Post
    is the Charging system, sheck your alternator :D
    -Mitsubishi Galant (4G64 SOHC) ES 1996, 5spd Swapped.

    -Mitsubishi Galant LS 1994 a/t [ SOLD ]

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    was this ur alternator that made the tcl and antilock light come on?

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