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Thread: 2002 Galant won't start, new battery, new starter.

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    2002 Galant won't start, new battery, new starter.


    About a month ago, my car randomly didn't start. When I twist the key it sounds like it's going to start but then doesn't. I turn off the air, radio, lights, etc, still no luck. If I wait 20 minutes or so, sometimes starts.

    PepBoys did a $15 diagnostic but said the results were inconclusive.

    Got a "premium oil change", fluids topped off, new battery, new starter.

    The mechanic that replaced the starter today said the starter was tore up and that it was fine when he was finished. The service engine light was off when I tried it out, but as soon as I hit 25mph it came right back on. I turned it off, waited 30 minutes, then it wouldn't start again.

    Any ideas?


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    Almost sounds like it could be your ignition switch, but it's hard to diagnose with the way you're describing it. I would first check the code to find out why your service engine light is on. That may be related to the issue you are having.
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    whats the SRS light say

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    Possible crank shaft sensor. But first figure out if there are any codes on the cars computer again then get back at us.

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    My friend v6 had that problem. Try this get some tb cleaner or carburetor cleaner, spray it on the tb and crank the car. If the car starts a little and shut off, is your fuel pump. My friend hit the button of the fuel pump a few time and he got it to start.

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    Mine was doing the same thing until I found out my intake manifold was splitting

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