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Thread: Reset SRS-light with OBD-scanner?

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    Reset SRS-light with OBD-scanner?

    Did a stupid thing: removed both seats for cleaning and forgot to unhook one of the battery poles before disconnecting the wires to the side-airbags.
    Now the SRS-light stays on.

    I refuse to go to the garage and pay $100-120 for a two-minute job!

    Is there any way to buy a cheap EM327 scanner (or similar) and do it myself? Did this on my former, german car. Trickiest part was to find the right version of the software....

    I have a G8 from '98 (European GLSi 2.0 model)

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    Fick inte du svaret på forumet? Alltså vårat forum på svenska?

    Dra plus polen på batteriet och ta en fika... kom tillbaka och sätt på pluspolen... KLART!!
    Thomas R aka Valpen
    CEO & Eventmanager
    Mitsubishi Club Sweden

    Former New yorker....
    94-10 60th Ave
    113 73 Elmhurst, NY
    School PS13 - then moved to Europe

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    Try not sure if their scanners can clean that code or not though.
    other option that might work is to disconnect the batter for over a half hour and reconnect it. Most of the times that cleans up dead/false codes.

    P.S. if you do end up doing the battery pull your car will be acting up after the fact for a 100 miles or so. Dont be alarmed it is only the car remapping the computer with how the engine runs. It is normal for the galants.

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