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Thread: where to add freon?

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    where to add freon?

    wasup people, i have a 2000 i4 8g. and the a/c is not cold at all. i was planning to add some freon but i dont know where exactly to add it, i was hoping some one could post a picture..

    ohh ya and i did search the forums .... YOU help is very much apppreciated..

    thanks in advance.....
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    On the aluminum lines that run along the passenger side of the engine, there is one with a light blue cap with the letter L for "Low", That is the low pressure side and the said which you can add freon, before you do find out if you have any leaks, and it would be best if you had a shop suck out all the old stuff first. Then you or the shop can fill her up with the amount listed on a sticker in the engine compartment, can't tell you what that is off the top of my head. Also remember too much freon isn't good it will cause the compressor to shut off.

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    thanks for he info bro, cuz this cali heat is killing me....
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    To be honest if the system is that bad you might want to go get it vac. and recharge. That way the old stuff is out of the system.

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