Dudes! I haven't had my Galant for at least 16 years now but damn I still miss it. It was my pride and joy at 16 years old until I was around 22. I used to attend the small meetups at the time we'd have around South Louisiana. I think this group was on yahoo back when I joined. Just decided to Google galants and saw this place is still active and wanted to give y'all a shout out and a visit. Gonna stick around long enough to see what's up in the 7th Gen section. I had a '95 S manual swapped with 98 tail lights and trunk lid on coilovers. Trying to attach one of the few pics I have saved that I can get my hands on, let's see if an old man like me can figure out inserting an image.

Great to see this place still around! There was also another group/webpage back then Galantspeed anyone know if that's still a thing?