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Thread: US 8G Galant w/ 4g64 to JDM 8G VR4 Conversion

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    US 8G Galant w/ 4g64 to JDM 8G VR4 Conversion

    I have a buddy selling an 03' 8G Galant ES with the 4g64 motor. I've been doing repairs and maintenence on it for him for a while so he's going to sell it to me for almost nothing. I've also found a full half cut JDM 8G VR4 for sale. I want to do a full conversion to an 8G JDM VR4. Obviously I need to swap motors to the 6A13TT, swap the whole drivetrain to get AWD, swap the dash to get the car to right hand drive, and swap the body kit, but what are the other differences. I want to be as close to the authentic JDM model as possible if dead on is not attainable. Are the chassis codes the same? Are the body panels or hood different? Are the interior trim panels different? Are the seats different? Will the motor and drivetrain fit with custom mounted motor mounts and axles? Also has anyone done this conversion or at least the motor and drivetrain swap? Any advice. I'm set on the project. I know it won't be easy, but I know I can do it so please no replies saying how stupid my idea is. Also, does anyone know how or where I might procure a shop manual for the two cars (03' Galant ES and JDM 8G VR4)? Thanks.

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    unfortunately its a lot harder then it is a different chassis code yes. the exterior body panels you can swap over with minimal modification.myself included have done this... the engine and drivetrain however are another hurdle to leap. as of current, there was only one person who tried it and was even nearly successful. however the project was dropped due to that same person just importing an 8g vr4. his user name is MANTE if you would lik to search his thread and see what he had done up untill the project was dropped to see what is instore for you.

    the entire interior is much different as well the door panels, dash, seats and center console would all need a bit of work to be made to fit.

    most of the people (with the i4) tend to either swap in an evo 5-9 (excluding mivec) 4g63 engines since they are nearly direct bolt ins...another option is to build the lower end of the 64 and just use the 4g63 dohc pairs up with the eclipse 5spd tranny...for more info on this look up stewi, cali, and goosey2099 they all have a lot of info on the tranny swaps and engine swaps if you decide to go that route

    if you are however dead set on a full conversion you are definately in for a lot of fabrication and it will take a while to complete, i did read of a mirage successfully swapping in a 6a13tt successfully but thats where my knowledge on that subject ends. i couldnt tell you whjat they did or where to even find the info

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    The engine swap is possible, like fatal said, Mante was in the middle of doing the swap and putting together a parts list, until he imported a vr4. I'm not sure about swapping the awd drivetrain, not going to bash you, but seems like a huge project. The 13tt will fit into a usdm galant, there is probably more room since the usdm did not come with double wishbone suspenstion. There are some FTO's that have did the swap using the 6a12 n/a tiptronic fwd tranny from the FTO. I suggest you take a look at what Mante had done, his list is referring to using the FTO fwd tranny and axles. The 13 also came n/a with a fwd tranny, which will also bolt to the 13tt engine, but idk if anyone has investigated that swap in a usdm yet. This swap can be done making the usdm 8g a tt fwd car, not sure about converting it to awd.
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    Thanks a ton for the reply. I would be open to a 4g63 swap except I have built 3 4g63's already and my 92' GSX is almost done and is going to be putting down like 700hp if all goes as planned do I'm pretty 4g63'd out for the moment. I wouldn't mind getting a real JDM 8G VR4, but how hard are they to get and how much. I want to do the conversion because I've always wanted a JDM 8G VR4. I have a feeling I can't afford a real one. I already have the tools needed to do the work for a conversion and parts will probably be cheaper than the real car. Plus I love building project cars and the fact that no one has ever pulled this off makes me want it more. Answer me this. The chassis code is differrent, but you said someone already pulled off the motor swap so the engine bay size shouldn't be a problem right. Aside from that, are the chassis similar enough that all the AWD components will fit. I am particularly concerned with the driveshaft being the right length once the axles are in place. Also are the interior spaces similar enough that the JDM interior trim panels and seats should fit. You already said the dash would take some work. If these things are at least manageable I think I will undertake this project.

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    I would stick around for some more reply's especially from 8g guys but from what Ive seeen, I believe you will be able to get it to work. theres a person on the boards right now doing a 7g awd conversion with a custom length driveshaft and parts from an awd eclispe. I would think the v6 usdm model would be better to start with, however if you have a front clip, you could always cut out what you need from it and reweld it to the usdm model...

    Good luck and research a little more on the boards Iam sure it will help...
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    Well theres a member here named Cali that started to do and AWD swap, here:

    Also theres another member who is swapping the motor into a Mirage, here:

    I do believe its possible, but no1 has had either the money or the balls to do it. I myself would love to see some1 do it. Alot of ppl will prob discourage you, but if I had the money & knowledge to do it, I would. More so the engine & drivetrain swap, as for the RHD and interior, dont think it would work to well or be worth the cost. But the motor would. Go for it man, & GL 2 u.
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    Never knew killa cal was doing an awd swap, must have missed that. I agree with Ivory, some people might gie you shit, but if have the skills, money, and time to do it, that would be the shit.

    From what I know: the engine will fit, I would think even if you use the double wishbone suspension from the vr4. Body parts will fit with minor modifications (bumpers, heads, tails, side mirrors) not sure about (hood, fenders, trunk, etc.). Don't know about interior parts. My goal was to keep it fwd using the 12 n/a fwd tiptronic tranny, axles, etc. (or possibly investigate using the 64 galant fwd tranny, very similar to the 12 n/a tranny). Not sure what's all involed in making it awd.

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    The problems with lumping in the 6A13tt into the USDM Galant chassis aren't small, and aren't even for the experienced engine builder. This is talking about either major engine and electrical work from fabbing engine mounts, to routing electrical wire, to making sure you have suspension and drivetrain components that can actually clear a totally different chassis.

    If you really want to tackle the project your best bet is to get a JDM VR4 6A13tt front clip, and splice that onto the USDM Galant chassis. If you are aren't an expert metal fabricator this part will GET COSTLY quickly. And A LOT more than any engines you have already built, trust me on that. Cali is swapping an AWD transmission into his G using (I believe) a 2G Eclipse rear subframe and EVO rear end. But really the similarities between that and the 6A13tt transmission and rear end stop there.

    If you REALLY want to know what is entailed into this project start with the Mirage swap listed above. If you can't do the metal work yourself, you should get friendly with someone who can, THAN do it. Good luck, I would love to see it done.

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